About Us

Green Star Healthcare,conceived in 2007,with a vision “To formulate and develop Herbal&Natural supplements for all ,by the fusion of Ancient Wisdom and Modern science,and working towars upgrading the health with nature“.

With the Knowledge about ancient herbs &modern  pharmaceutical science of Formulation &Development ,We , Dr.S.P.Sankaran ,Pharmacist P.Anand,have formulated and introduced many  formulations,under the brand name,Elcard{mighty&Heart like},headed  by our unique heart drops,a natural cardiac drops,which was approved by Health science Authority,Singapore,as a Traditional medicine in 2016.

Our mission of selecting prominent&safe Naturals&Ancint Pre-Processing Techniques,then enriching the potency,that is Bio-Efficiency of the formulation.All activities are performed in a quality certified manufacturing facility.

Natutral Path to health flow chart.

1.selection of asafe&effective naturals

2.Pre-Processing to get rid of unwanted effects of the naturals.

3.Enriching of activity&Formulation

4.Effective product for better Health.